Group coaching is a fantastic way for you to obtain and develop key skills in a sport whilst also being given the chance to socialize and bond with a team

Rahim works with small groups, which allows him to get to know individual member of the team and help them to grow on a personal level within the sessions. Players can learn from one another’s actions during coaching, and Rahim’s enthusiastic approach to the sessions boosts team morale and ultimately enables players to work towards achieving their full potential in a sport.

Rahim’s coaching can be tailored to any age or skill level, so whether you’re an adult wishing to pick up a new sport, or you’re incredibly skilled and experienced at a sport, you will find coaching beneficial to you.

Group coaching for children particularly benefits them by allowing them to learn fundamental life skills such as being able to work confidently and comfortably in a team, being able to share, and encouraging one another. Whether your child is proving to have a talent in a certain sport, or would like to try something new, the group coaching can be tailored to match the abilities of all the children in the group, leaving no possibility of any child feeling as if they are behind the rest of the group. Our coach will identify each child’s needs and plan suitable training programmes accordingly.