Private coaching offers a more tailored, one-to-one experience in developing sports skills for you or your child. The sessions can be suitably adapted to your talents, potential, and growth rate in a sport, to enable you to receive maximum support in your own personal journey to the top of your capabilities. Because you are the sole focus of the session in private coaching, you will usually obtain and develop skills faster than within a group environment. The most important aims of the private coaching are to maximize your child’s potential, ensure your they are learning in a fun, relaxed style, and encourage them to believe in themselves and recognize their potential.

Private coaching is for anyone, but Rahim strongly recommends it for those who are showing exceptional talent in a sport, or anyone who lacks in confidence and would perhaps struggle in a group environment. The private coaching environment is relaxed, friendly, and pressure-free, and Rahim can work around your schedule to choose a time and a day to meet up that is perfect for you.