Why sports coaching?

Sports coaching is beneficial to everyone. From children or adults wanting to try a new sport, all the way through to those who have worked their way up to professional level and wish to work on maintaining their skill, Rahim’s specialist sports coaching can help you to improve on your technique, make friends, thrive in a competitive environment, develop your abilities, and much more.

If you’re starting out as a complete beginner, Rahim can teach you the fundamental rules of a sport, to help you grasp the very basics before progressing to anything more advanced. If you find you have a natural talent for a sport, Rahim will assess your performance critically, identify particular areas in need of improvement, and help you to progress in the sport. For those who wish to advance to a professional level, Rahim can act as an agent, putting hopefuls in touch with clubs, societies and sponsors to help them turn their hobby into a paying career.

What areas of sports coaching does Rahim offer?

Rahim’s main area of coaching is cricket; however he also coaches football and boxing. Coaching will be tailored to meet the needs of a certain individual or group.

Sports coaching for schools

Sports coaching for schools can be introduced for a number of reasons: to improve the quality of existing PE teaching, to increase participation levels within a number of sports, and to help schools to understand and take away useful sports teaching techniques that can be used when teaching sports in the future.

Rahim’s school sports coaching can be delivered on a regular or a one-off basis, and is based on a number of factors such as the age and current abilities of the children, and the desired outcome of the school. Coaching incorporates fun, skill-building and a healthy dose of competitiveness, to ensure children are motivated and entertained throughout sessions, and develop a genuine interest for the sport.

Sports coaching is a great way for children to develop hobbies that can be continued outside of school, understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, improve relationships with their peers, and learn the general sporting etiquettes, such as taking turns and handling losing a game.